Micro EDM

Sarix Micro EDM Machines take the difficulty out of High-Speed Micro EDM Drilling and 3D Milling opening new horizons.

3D Micro Milling

  • 3D Micro Milling of complex forms with radius corner’s down to 3μm (.00012”) and bottom floor level control to 2μm (.0008”)
  • Reach machining features of 10μm (.0004”) with an Ra of 0.05μm
  • A wire-dressing option allows for electrode diameters as small as 0.015mm
  • Electrode collets available in manual or automatic feed, as well as electrode rotation indexing collets for dressing electrode shapes/geometries
  • 3D Micro Milling configuration available in enclosed or table-top machines

Micro Drilling

  • Through Sarix’s No-Contact Electrode Micro Drilling, machines can drill holes of 0.1mm diameter to 15mm deep with +/- 5μm (.0002”) tolerance
  • Straight Hole Deviation below 5μm
  • Hole depth/diameter ratio up to 150:1
  • Perfect deep hole drilling motion control specially developed for the carbide drilling needs
  • Micro Drilling Configuration available in enclosed or table-top machines

The SARIX technology is applied on a very large applications range: engine injectors, spinnerets, fiber-optical connectors, micro-mechanic machining, fine machining for the watch and micro-electronic industries, micro-mold making, stamping tools, and all other fields where the upmost precision machining is required.

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SX-80 HPM Pulsar

SX-100 HPM Pulsar

SX-200 HPM Pulsar

SX-200 HPM Aero Pulsar

SX-200 HPM Dual Pulsar

SX-200-L HPM Pulsar