Micro I.D. Boring Bars

Microturn by Ifanger AG

Ifanger AG MicroTurn line provides the finest state-of-the-art boring and I.D. tools for CNC Lathe and Micro I.D. operations. Ifanger holders clamp from the front and with their V-seat technology provide changing accuracy of the cutting tool of <0.05 mm. Fine grinding of rake and chip face and a sharp cutting edge guarantees a fine and clean surface of the workpiece. Ifanger also can produce tooling to a customer’s specific specs/needs.

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Cutting Tools include:


Ifanger Tool Holder Visual

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Knurling Tools

Ifanger provides Knurling Rolls by deformation or cutting, capable of producing a wide array of knurling patterns.


Advantages of Ifanger’s Knurling Tools


  • Large range of holders especially for forming.
  • Space-saving construction and therefore suitable for all types of sliding headstock lathes.
  • Long-running life of knurling rolls due to sharply pointed and finely milled profiles.
  • Fine graduation of standard pitches from 0,3 to 2,0 mm.
  • The same knurling rolls for cutting longitudinal and cross knurls.
  • Easy change of rolls in the holder which is fixed in the machine.
  • Long lifetime of holders thanks to case-hardened surfaces.