Swiss Turning Inserts

Alouette Tool exclusively represents Bimu Swiss Turning Inserts and Accessories in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Bimu’s large and diverse catalog includes but not limited to:

Swiss Insert Blades for Plunging, Back Turning, Front Turning, Screw Threading, Trepan, Grooving (Internal & External), & Cut-off Operations. Coated and Uncoated including PCD Diamond Coating

Insert Lines for Ø 8mm, 18mm, 20mm, & 32mm Max Cut-off Machines

BIMU VPGT Line Inserts fit into ISO Tool Holders and contain greater clearance angles and chip breaking technologies

Various Holders for Tornos, Tsugami, Star, Citizen, Deco, etc:

Much much more!


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Insert Lines

040 Line – For Ø8mm Max Cut Off Machines
400 Line – For Ø8mm Max Cut Off Machines
700 Line – For Ø16mm Max Cut Off Machines
800 Line – For Ø18mm Max Cut Off Machines
900 Line
– For Ø34mm Max Cut Off Machines
OXO 1000 Line – For Ø20mm Max Cut Off Machines
OXO 1100 Line – For Ø32mm Max Cut Off Machines
Grooving Inserts – Specialized Frontal & Side Grooving Inserts
PCD Diamond Inserts – Indexable Insert with Polycrystalline Diamond
Carbide Knife Cut-off & Facing Inserts for Plastic (PEEK) Machining
ISO Line – Wide Variety of VC, CC, DC ISO Inserts
S Line – Specialized Inserts for Trepan, Medical, and Dental
TGP Line – Inserts Specifically for Cutoff, Groove, and Back Turn
VPGT Line – ISO Improvement with 11° Clearance Angle