Swiss Turn Tooling & Micro EDM Technology

Other Products

Diamond Grinding Wheels by Unirock

  • All forms available for Grinding Machines like EWAG, WALTER, Agathon, etc.
  • Available in Resin Bond and Hybrid Resin-Metal Bond.
  • Click here for PDF

Micro Taps – HSS

  • Bottoming (Style #18) & Centering Taps – 2 Flute (Style #11) and 3 Flute (Style #12)
  • Sizes .30UNM – 1.60UNM, 000-120, 00-96, 00-90, 0-80.


    Micro Drills – HSS & Carbide

    • Cobalt HSS (Style #100), Left Hand and Right Hand from .270mm
    • Solid Carbide Drills (Style #225), Left Hand and Right Hand from .270mm
    • Special Sizing Available Upon Request

    Go, No-Go, and Go/No-Go Thread Plug & Ring Gauges from Titec Swiss

    • 30 – 1.60mm Diameter, Standard Tolerance NIHS
    • Special tolerances (UNM, ISO, DIN, etc.), Sizing, and Certifications Available Upon Request
    • Click here for PDF

    Machine Spare Parts

    Counter Spindle & Sub Spindle Tool Holders from BIMU

    Carbide Saws

    • Fine Tooth Carbide Saws by Standard
    • Thickness Available from .10mm
    • Standard OD and ID Sizing:
      • 15mm OD x 5 mm ID
      • 20mm OD x 5mm ID
      • 25mm OD x 8mm ID
      • 30mm OD x 8mm ID
      • 40mm OD x 10mm ID
      • 50 mm OD x 10mm ID
    • 45° and Full Radius Carbide Saws Available Upon Request
    • Special OD and ID Sizing Available Upon Request
    • Teeth Specification Available Upon Request

    Thread Cutting Dies

    Ifanger Knurling System

    Cut & Form Knurling Programs from Ifanger AG For ALL Swiss Turn Machines

    • Pitch from .30mm – 2.00mm
    • Diamond Pattern
    • Straight Pattern
    • Left & Right-Hand Spiral
    • Click here for PDF