Universal Tool Grinder by Gemini

Carbide Tool Grinding and Lapping Machine Type AB-175 with Motor-Brake

This machine is intended especially for the grinding and lapping of carbide tipped cutting tools, such as used on automatic lathes etc.

Its distinguishing merits are precision, speed and minimum grinding wheel wear.

Supplementary attachments permit the grinding of small end mills and drills, and of chip-breaker grooves.

The type AB-175 High Precision Tool Grinding and Lapping Machine offers, in its latest development, essential improvements and advantages.
It is designed to the unit-compound system and suits also serial production.   Machining large serial components or finishing after heat treatment leads to economical production time.  Handy extra equipment increase the field application.

The easy and foolproof control as well as the logical distribution of the control elements ensure high accuracy and grinding to the true angle.

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